So today I am going to dole out a whole heap of truth about the most essential hair product of all. Shampoo. Women are marketed to on a continuous basis for products that both men and women use. When was the last time you saw an ad for shampoo on TV that had a man prancing around running his fingers through his hair? Pretty Rare. So how do you pick the correct product for you? Whats is going to give you the best results?

A new client asked me a number of days ago ‘What’s the best shampoo to use? Im always confused about what brand is the best one’. I told her that it depends on your hair-type and began assessing her scalp and asking her questions about how frequently she shampoos and what her main hair concerns were. She was using a popular supermarket shampoo currently and wanted to know what the best supermarket brand shampoo was the best? And told her that I wouldnt have the faintest idea. I haven’t stepped foot down that aisle in years and couldn’t possibly recommend anything as I haven’t used supermarket shampoo since I started hairdressing. I told her I would only trust professional brands with products that I would be massaging into my scalp and hands on a daily basis. After the consultation I couldn’t stop thinking. What was down that aisle? The aisle less traveled… I made a mental note to spend a few minutes down there next time I was shopping.

Honestly I used to think shampoo was just detergent with a nice smell. But that was before my theoretical education in Hairdressing. After completing my qualifications and knowing the science of the hair and scalp i never used commercial shampoos again.

Truthfully I avoid whole sections of the supermarket. The Butcher part, The Deli part, The Confectionary part, And that cosmetic / feminine hygiene part. Makes it a quick job. Anyway, I was shocked to see some of the price-points that the products were being sold at. You can buy professional products for the same price of some of them. I was also blown away by some of the misleading advertising. You can’t honestly put a picture of an avocado oozing with shiny oil on box haircolour that contains ingredients that are used in industrial oven cleaners! What I cant say I was surprised about was the amount of shampoo/conditioner lines that contained silicone. Non-dissolvable silicone to be more specific. I’d say 80% of the products I picked up contained silicone.

Silicone in a ‘professional’ supermarket shampoo.

Silicone found in most of the popular supermarket quality shampoos. Why do they do this? The silicone molecules lodge themselves into the cuticle layer of your hair and eventually build up and cause your hair to feel silky, stronger and thicker. Good right? Nope.

The hair and scalp can’t ‘breathe’ if it is covered in cosmetic silicone. FACT – Colours, treatments, perms etc are less effective because they have to try and breach a layer of silicone before they enter into the cortex of the hair. In my career I have seen a lot of strange reactions in the salon. Blondes not lightening and blue-black permanent tint wash down the drain without affecting the hair from mid lengths to ends from a client who had a silicone build up. I have seen foils bursting at the seams from chemical reactions caused by these silicone based shampoos. Crazy.

But what im really curious about is how these companies can claim that their products ‘nourish, condition, hydrate’ etc. How can a shampoo and conditioner ‘nourish’ the hair-shaft with oils and moisture if the hair is encased in layer of rubber? And these products claim to be ‘used by professionals’ ‘salon expert’ etc…

So my honest advice is, leave your TresPantemmeeen where it belongs. Buy your beans and veggies at the supermarket. But buy your shampoo and conditioner at your hairdressers. It doesnt make sense to me to pay hundreds of dollars on a professional colour just to have it ruined with cheap and nasty shampoo. No matter where you get your hair done ladies, use salon quality shampoo. If you trust hairdressers with your cut, you should trust them with your shampoo too.