On my back verandah I’ve been staring at the keyboard on my MacBook for the last 20 minutes sipping on a much deserved glass of Pinot Grigio thinking about how to start this. Starting a blog is nothing id ever have considered leading upto this point. But here i am. I am a 30- something Hairdresser and small business owner in Lakes Entrance. I opened the doors to Mat’s Hair Factory on the 2/5/16. 10 months ago my life changed forever. In the best way possible.

Doing this blog gives me the opportunity to share this journey with you. Id like to keep you informed on advice, humour and products that I┬átruly believe in and maybe give people an insight on what its like to work in a field that you are truly passionate about. And keep you in the loop on what’s happening in the salon.

So when I get a moment away from my busy salon days i’ll be sure to keep in touch.

Roger, over and out….

Mathew Evans

Mats Hair Factory