Im coming to the tail end of a 2 day weekend. (thats my equivalent to a 3 day weekend in case you couldn’t tell what a big deal it is to me). Ive spent the entire day alone (aside from brief cuddles from our cat Dexter). I haven’t spoken a word to anyone. Such a strong contrast from my work life when I have quite long and involved conversations with so many people. And aside from the thought that I should find someone to hang with on a Monday, I have had this stubborn thought circling around in my mind like a shark circling a seal or a tasty surfer. How thankful I am to have such a network of love and support around me. I know I know, I hate fluffy sentiment as much as the next guy but it’s true.

Now, these people probably only hang around out of some twisted sense of obligation. Probably because people can see that without their strength keeping me together i’m more than likely to self destruct. But whatever their motivation is, it’s been so nice having them there, fighting my corner. And because manners are important to me (Well, most kinds of manners; I cant remember the last time it was that i apologised for an audible bodily function) I’d take the time to thank them all.

So i thought id take the opportunity to say Thank you. Thank you to all of the lovely humans who have helped me on my way to becoming what it is I am today.

My Family, especially my Mum. My mother is a lioness in a kittens body. I honestly don’t know how she does all that she does. She is like a bottomless pit of love and has this relentless generosity of spirit. She was a superhero single Mum of 5. She was there when I was a pimply 14 year old who supported me when i came out and she’s still popping into the salon on a weekly basis telling me how proud of me she is. I dont know how mother nature crammed so much goodness into such a small little package but she did an excellent job.

My clients never cease to amaze me. Their loyalty speaks volumes. I have only been hairdressing in Lakes Entrance for 6 years and I have a client book that keeps me booked solid for the entire year. I have some clients that travel every 6 weeks from as far as Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. My clients trust in my advice, skill and knowledge. And there’s no better accolade than their continuous support. Thank You All.

Mats Hair Factory is a busy little salon. But a narrow shop of bricks and cement doesn’t make a salon. A Team does. And I am so thankful that both Taylah and Mackenzie are skipping down this exciting path with me. I hate using the work PERFECT. But I haven’t seen any flaws yet. Their dedication and professionalism is evident in the work they do. Other than hairdressing I have worked in retail, banking and hospitality. And believe me when I say I have tolerated working with some bizarre and difficult teams before. Coming into work is nothing but a pleasure with these girls. Thank you thank you thank you. You make my job being the Big Boss Man so much easier.

The person who can take the biggest chunk of responsibility for all of my successes is my fiance James. He does what it takes to support me. Which is a great feat when I can be the biggest messiest most difficult carpet stain of a person you can imagine. Though I’ve always been ambitious I have a nasty gremlin living in my mind that tells me l’m incapable, I’m useless and that my dreams are unattainable and unrealistic. James and the gremlin are rather well acquainted at this stage. But having James’ suport really galvanizes my strengths and helps me overcome my weaknesses. James has a long history of being a beaming positive influence on everyone in his life and I suppose I am lucky enough to be closest to the source. So thank you, thank you thank you. x

Now, I promise not to be so nauseatingly sweet ever again. See what happens when I get left alone for long periods. Its like leaving a Jack-Russell with a new lounge suite. Bad Things Happen.

Until next time, Adios.

Mathew Evans

Mats Hair Factory